Faeries by Susie

The Beginning
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This is a brief summary of how I got to where I am today~

I was born in Seattle, Wa. during the blizzard of 1955. I am the youngest of 5 girls. My mother was thrilled I was born with her fathers red hair.


Check out the ears on that baby, notice the resemblance to Zip the monkey? It's no wonder all the kids called me "monkey". 


Yes, the hair IS red! My mother loved "pin curls".
My husband calls this picture                                                     " Susie Doody", Howdy Doody's first born child.


1965~ Not much has changed, hairs longer, same ears!


6th grade, I'm ready for Jr. High, don't I look ready?


1974~Well here we are, come full circle, Mom, Dad and I. Mom and Dad are not with us anymore, but.....


                                                I am!

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